1. Divine Day

Verno Urquiza


Ooh ooh ooh
Ah ah ah
Ah ah ah

Deep in our hearts
We are the starlight
We are the universe

Like the air that we breathe
And the stars up above us
We are boundless and wonderful

That is why I'm having a Divine Day
Full of such harmony ,
In an uplifting way
I cherish today

A very Divine Day
Devine Day

Now I'm loving you so
That makes me so happy
As you are so beautiful

No matter how it all seems
From a place that is unseen
Theres a space for all blessings grow

Yes I hope your having a Divine Day
Full of our harmony,
Like a bird on a wing
I hope you will sing sing

This very Divine Day
Hmmm Divine Day

Oh wont you share it with me
If only ethereally
I'm feeling you so deeply
LIke the air that I breathe
When you need me

Ooh Ah
Ah ya
Oh yeah
La la la la la la la

Divine day
Ooh hoo...
A Divine Day

Now I hope you’re having a Divine Day
Full of such harmony, yeah!
In an uplifting way
I ask you to stay

And share this
Divine Day
Oooh Divine Day

Ooooh Divine Day
Ooooh Divine Day....

(c) 2021 Verno Urquiza