Verno Urquiza is a bilingual singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California who has been honing his musical, production, acting, broadcasting, and teaching talents for over 30 years. 

He started writing songs at age 12, after being amazed how his older sister would create her own lyrics and melodies to familiar tunes or her own originals. My first crack at a song was


Will I Ever Go Back Again?

Lyrics by Verno

I miss the people and the lands I've seen

I miss everything that isn't green

I miss the snow and I miss the rain

I miss the joy and I miss the pain


Tell me why did I have to go

I miss all the people I know

To me this feels like the end

Will I Ever Go Back Again?...

Soon after, his brothers and sisters, as he is from a big family of 5 siblings,  began listening and singing along to Verno's own new song.

Flash back to the third grade, in his first introduction to singing live, he got on stage as the lead in touring school musical production of Pinnochio.  As the lead role, he sang solo for the first time and immediately was inspired to begin singing seriously and find an appreciation for his wide vocal ability.


But signed up for delays in my career even at an early age as my parents had other ideas for my education than being a singer.  So the literal  offers that came in the mail were very literally ripped up by my father, who wanted all the kids to be little brief case holding engineers in his likeness. That was a far cry from the very vocal creative soul beating inside me.

​Still, way off braodway in his little room, he would, over many ensuing years begin singing and harmonizing to his favorite artist's songs, such as the Eagles, Elton John, Neil Young, and more. He then began collaborating with local L.A. artists through the 90's, and singing at local venues. And then in college, where he had a chance to spread his wings a little, he sang in musicals and local off-broadway productions including The Music Man, and The Man of La Mancha, which helped him to further his acting and singing talents, and gain the technical aspects and techniques of live performance. He gained all this creative experience while pursuing his degree in Radio TV Broadcasting through mid eighties and nineties.

​The new millenium found him lending his vocal talents to professional recordings of children's music while studying Spanish in Mexico - KIDS EXPLORING LANGUAGE (Trillas Publishing). Later, while collaborating with close friends and producers, he self-released singles through Reverb Nation, YouTube, and other small streaming platforms. 

​Music has helped him through many tough times and has inspired his songwriting with deep emotional expression. Verno is prolific and incredibly inspired, almost channeling his songs by tapping into Universal harmony, which reflects itself through vivid, sometimes abstract artistry of mellow melodies, vibrant harmonies, and thoughtful lyrics. Oft times, his deeply introspective musings on love, longing, and the mysteries of life, transcend into a kind of ethereal poetry and awakening. His mystical vibes consistently emanate throughout his songs. 

​Here he is now, fully producing (in his trademark manner of layering vocal harmonies and guitar), and crafting this new song Divine Day as an inspiration to stay present and appreciate the Divine Love and beauty all around us. 

As a bonus, thanks to of his multi-cultural background, Verno has also produced and is set to release a Spanish interpretation of Divine Day, entitled "Que Divino Sera".



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Verno Urquiza is a bilingual musician/educator with a passion for sharing his varied creative talents and for producing media.  He has been singing  since childhood & produces his  own songs and other collaborations.  Over the years enjoyed being a creative singer / songwriter, writing songs and recording children’s music. He also records voice over. Voice acting on a radio dramas, musicals & plays, and multimedia, His strengths are songwriting, lyrics, collaborations, and  live performances. He has worked with local and international musicians. 



-Latest Track – “Divine Day" by Verno Urquiza.............…......SUMMER 2021


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NOAH’S Ark at the 

 Skirball Cultural Center…Rhythm Specialist/Facilittor…..Los Angeles, CA………………..2007-2008 

Man of La Mancha               Anselmo/ Guitarist             Arroyo Repertory Theatre, Pasadena, Cal., Dir Jude Lucas      

The Musicman                     Marcellus Washburn          California State University, Los Angeles/William Belen, Dir. 

Medusa                                 Singer, Mime (Spanish)       California State University, Los Angeles/Rene Aravena, Dir 

Secret of Susana                  Sante                                      California State University, Los Angeles/Rene Aravena, Dir 


Indigo Cat                             Featured                Voice                      Westwood One Radio Network, Wally Wingert 

Kids Exploring Language   Char Voic/Sing, Co-Prod.    Trillas, Author Diana Diaz/Paolo Grossi, Producer 


L.A. Headlines      Cable News Anchor/Reporter.        

Buenavision Cable/Dir. Joe Balian



B.A. Broadcasting: Radio Television Production - California State University, Los Angeles


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*****  But First A News Flash ***** 

August 2, 2021 - The Divine Day single by Verno played on the Coast to Coast AM show was heard for the first time on radio airwaves nationwide and globally via streaming live...George Noory announced "Verno Urquiza singing Divine Day..." and they played most of the song on the bumper music going to promo and commercials.  Yay! I hope some people enjoyed it.  I got a kick out of hearing my song on the radio! 

August 1, 2021- VERNO'S Song "Divine Day" Will Be Featured ON THE RADIO, TONIGHT!  Sunday August 1, 2021 at 11:06 PM, on KFI AM 640  - Los Angeles 

LISTEN LIVE: in Los Angeles on your radio or stream it  - - 

Divine Day will be played on the talk radio show Coast to Coast AM With George Noory (and my good friend producer Tom Danheiser), for their August 2021 Emerging Artists Feature MORE INFO HERE- 









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