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"Divine Day" Single (Below) 

Ready for a feel-good song?  

It's a celebration of loving life and of being in the moment as a living expression of Divine Love.

With impressive layered harmonies, in a mellow yet upbeat acoustic ensemble, reminiscent of Soft Rock stylings of McCartny mixed with contemporary Buble, Verno Urquiza has crafted the uplifting pop ballad “Divine Day”.  This moving song has a relaxing groove replete with a message of  love, cherishing our time now, and being grateful for the Divine energy flowing through us all so that we may thrive every day.

Hey Everyone,

I hope it lifts your spirits and brings you into a deeper level of connection to the world and loved ones around you.  I HOPE YOU MIGHT FIND IT A VALUABLE SONG TO HAVE HANDY IN YOUR COLLECTION TO INSPIRE YOU CREATE FROM YOUR SOUL AND TO CHOOSE LIFE / CHOOSE LOVE! 

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Much Love,


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